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Plan a Campaign

LongPack Games have years of experience and insights which can support you in achieving your goals, whether you're a seasoned campaigner or a first-timer. We can provide suggestions for maximizing your campaign's reach and effectiveness, as well as tips for dealing with potential setbacks.

Remember that creating a successful campaign offers endless possibilities, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way. Let us work together to make your campaign a success!


LongPack Games understands that your game design is your own creation, and we respect your artistic freedom. However, we offer valuable advice based on our extensive experience working with numerous game publishers. We believe that a profitable game is crucial to successfully delivering your product to customers. To achieve this, it is important to consider manufacturing during the design process. Here are a few tips we recommend:
Aim to fill full card sheets to optimize the number of cards in your game.
Keep components small to reduce box size.
Use tokens with the same shape to minimize the number of punch board diecuts needed.
Use standard components instead of custom designs.
By implementing these suggestions, you can reduce manufacturing costs and increase your game's profitability.


Effective outreach is crucial for a successful crowdfunding campaign. It's important to build buzz around your game early on so that people know about it and are more likely to back it. Here are some strategies to promote your game:
Use to promote your game by creating a game page, running ads, holding a contest, and participating in forums. You can also post a print-and-play version of your game on BGG.
Send prototypes of your game to interested reviewers for feedback.
Share updates, reviews, and other information about your game on social media.
Start a mailing list early and get people to sign up. Send out email updates with information about upcoming conventions and the campaign launch.
Attend conventions and have volunteers demo your game to get it in front of the public.

Quotation & Cost

Determining the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) of your game is crucial after calculating the manufacturing cost and shipping to your warehouse.
Keep in mind that crowdfunding platforms, pledge managers, and credit card processing services charge fees, typically around 5-10% of your funding. Taking all of these costs into consideration, you should be able to set pledge levels, stretch goal levels, and your overall funding goal.


Fulfillment is a crucial step to ensure backers receive their rewards promptly and accurately. While some creators do their own fulfillment, many opt to use a fulfillment company for shipping to backers.
LongPack can split your shipment between multiple fulfillment partners or destinations, which is especially helpful for international backers to avoid taxes and tariffs. Keep in mind that final weight and shipping costs may differ, but your Project Manager can provide more accurate estimates during production.

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